The maximum expression of sartorial dressing

From the end of the nineteenth century, with the evolution of gentlemen’s fashion, the boutonnière – a French term indicating the buttonhole (flower in the buttonhole) – was worn on men’s jackets and overcoats.

Since then it became a new, special accessory that embellished the existing ones such as the tie clip, pocket square, watch chain and cigar holder.

It was worn by statesmen, warriors, poets and actors alike: but what did these men have in common? They simply wanted to stand out from the others!

So, today a man who chooses to wear a boutonnière on the lapel of his jacket is expressing self-confidence, he is showing off his style and demonstrating that he isn’t afraid to be judged and observed by others, but on the contrary he proves that it is still possible to dress impeccably!

Focus on Quality

My Boutonnière can be pinned onto any jacket, waistcoat or overcoat, using its pin or butterfly clip. It can be worn in daytime or evening, in leisure time or on formal occasions. Wear it on the left lapel in the buttonhole of a classic, elegant or casual, sports jacket.

It can be matched with other accessories: pocket square, tie or bowtie or worn with a simple shirt, because there are no rules for coordinating your boutonnière. It’s your choice, your style!

Hand Made in Italy

My Boutonnière is a classy accessory handmade by experienced seamstresses with wonderful fabrics, all Made in Italy.